Thermal Hotel Budapest Margitsziget****

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Thermal Hotel Budapest**** This famous and newly renovated nine-storey spa hotel - built in 1979 - is centrally located, in the heart of Budapest, in the picturesque surroundings of Margaret Island, (Margitsziget), the beautiful traffic-free oasis in the center of the metropolis.
Budapest's Margaret Island has been a popular spa resort since 1866 when the therapeutic thermal waters were first brought to the surface. The essential treatment element of the therapeutic water is sulfur which decomposes slowly and only in part. The remaining mildly concentrated solution does not have the typical offensive sulfur odor. The medicinal water enters the hotel's hydrotherapy equipment at a very high temperature and is cooled down to 34 C (158F). After the cooling process the water is used in the different type of balneo and drinking cures exercising the therapeutic effect due to high concentration of minerals and trace elements.

Regular bathing cures have been found to reduce joint and muscle pain. Rheumatic conditions can be favorable effected by combined therapy programs which include thermal baths, massage, mud-packs, electrotherapy and physiotherapy.

The spa hotel has extensive diagnostics facilities. Under the supervision of medical doctors (Rheumatologists) guests can take advantage of different types of balneo- and hydrotherapy treatments, underwater yet massages, mudpack treatment, galvanic bath, four-cell bath, traction bath, inhalation, oxygen therapy, medical gymnastics, different massages, physiotherapy, electrotherapy, etc.

CARDIO CENTRUM - cardiologist consultation, different examinations, rehabilitation
VITAL CENTER - dental clinic, maintenance-surgical, prosthetic treatments, implantation
AURA INTERNATIONAL - facial plastic surgery, surgi-center
FOCUS MEDICAL - laser eye clinic, LASER treatment

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