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St. Petersburg-Moscow   or   Moscow - St. Petersburg 

There is no better way to explore Russia than by ship! The abundant rivers and inland seas serve as natural highways linking Russia's two most famous cities. Moscow, the medieval and 20th century capital, with it's historic landmarks and it's rich heritage; St. Petersburg, the creation of Peter the Great with many monumental palaces. You will spend memorable days in each of these great cities, with stops in such historic cities as Uglich, Kostroma, Yaroslavl and Kizhi Island and others. From the domed churches of Moscow to the "White Nights" of St. Petersburg, this river voyage links the great imperial cities of the czars. Your "floating hotels will cruise along the mighty Volga and Neva Rivers, the famed Moscow Canal, Lake Ladoga and Lake Onega.

St. Petersburg - Moscow cruises:

MS Amakaterina - Every two weeks from Moscow to St Petersburg or St Petersburg to Moscow
MS Lavrinenkov

These ships have been reserved for guests sharing similar tastes and interests in travel. All will be charmed by the ship’s crew as they have been specially trained to cater to the needs of Western tourists. The ship features outside staterooms, affording majestic views of the passing countryside, and all are air-conditioned. The cabins are comfortably furnished. The dining rooms offer both - Continental and Russian cuisine, as well as specialties of the surrounding regions, served in a warm shipboard atmosphere. There are two bars, a small souvenir shop, music salon, dance hall and beauty salon. Laundry service is also available. Parties, games, dancing and shipboard entertainment all serve to ensure a memorable cruise holiday. From their spacious loungers to sweeping sundecks, our floating hotel offers unique journeys of distinction.

On every cruise there’s a government-licensed guide who will fill you in on the history, mythology, and art of the ports you visit so you’ll go home with more then just a tan- you’ll take with you a greater understanding of Russia.
  The Chaikovsky is not equipped with wheelchair access and elevator. The ship does not have extensive soundproofing so you may hear noise from air-conditioning and other machinery onboard at any time.


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