The Danube River surges through Central Europe, flowing into the Black Sea at the end of her journey. She has been a sort of magical bridge between West and East through centuries bringing together nations and countries that politics have repeatedly sought to separate.

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She has inspired countless artists, and Johann Strauss dedicated one of his loveliest waltzes to her. Cruise by great valley gorges, like charming Wachau and the famous "Knee of the Danube" at Visegrad; numerous fertile landscapes like the Vienna basin and "Paprika Land", the Hungarian Lowlands. Marvel the image of the imposing cathedral at Esztergom or the magnificent monastery of Melk. Visit famous cities of great cultural interest like Vienna, Budapest, Bratislava and Passau, treat yourself to the exquisite food and super wines in our ships' restaurants and watch the beautiful river landscapes floating before your eyes. As a bonus, we included complimentary city tours for you in Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava.
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Danube River Cruises 

Danube Cruises to Vienna Budapest and Bratislava  Danube cruise # 1 (7nights/8days) Danube Rhapsody, Passau-Vienna - Budapest - Bratislava - Passau Ms Amadeus Royal -  (L) - 2018

Prague to Budapest# 5 Prague-Budapest, Land and Cruise, 10nights/11days (A) - 2018

Budapest to Prague  # 6 Budapest-Nuremberg cruise and Prague Land 12nights/13days - Blue Danube Discovery (A) 2018

From Prague via Germany to Budapest   # 8
Prague-Budapest, Land and cruise 10nights/11days - Romantic Danube (A)  2018

On the Danube Cruise Budapest Vienna Munich # 11 Budapest - Bratislava - Vienna - Passau - Vilshofen - Munich or Prague 11days/10nights - Melodies of the Danube (A) - 2018

Magic of Advent Cruise  Christmas cruise # 1 Christmas Markets cruise Visit  the Beautiful Christmas Markets of Germany and Austria (L) 2018

Christmas on the Danube  Christmas cruise # 2 Passau to Passau  6nights - (L) 2018

Christmas Time Cruise  Christmas cruise#3 Celebrate the magic of the wonderful winter season with a fascinating trip from historic Prague through the beauty and history of the Danube (A)  2018

New Year on the Danube  New Years cruise #1 from Passau to Passau) Celebrate the New Year during an unforgettable trip through Germany, Austria and Hungary and visit famous cities along the Danube (L) 2018

Southern Danube Cruises

Scenic Southern Danube cruise to Irons Gate and the Danube Delta at the Black Sea. # 9 Passau to Passau 15 Nights/16 Days (L) 2018

Vienna to Budapest and Bucharest 
#10  Budapest Novi Sad Belgrade Iron Gates (A) 2018

Danube and Rhine Combinations

Old World Rivers  Rhine and Danube program #1 Magnificent Europe - Travel across the continent from Amsterdam to Budapest or Budapest to Amsterdam 14nigths/15days (A) 2018
Across Europe in 15 days -
Rhine and Danube #2  From Amsterdam to Budapest or Budapest to Amsterdam  (L)  2018
River Holiday Budapest to Paris  Rhine and Danube #3
- the longest ultimate river cruise - 20 days (A) only in 2017

Theme Danube Cruises

Music Cruises on the Danube - Festival of Classical Music   Specialty cruises with limited sailings for Classical Music lovers Passau - Vienna - Budapest - Bratislava - Passau  - 7nights/8days L

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Amadeus Princess and Silver  

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