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European vacations

We are a highly specialized tour operator to Europe offering a wide range of vacations throughout the continent and the Mediterranean. Our selections are escorted tours or independent as well as short vacations in major European cities with local excursions, romantic cruises on major rivers like the Rhine, Danube, Douro, Seine and Rhone. For the independent minded traveler we offer several popular multi-city combinations with flexible starting dates. Please click on the type of travel in the list below to select your next memorable trip to the old continent.

1 Escorted Tours Travel with the expertise of local guides and tour escorts. The most effective way to se as many famous sites in the shortest period of time. Escorted tours usually operate between April and October, some between November and March as well
2 Independent Holidays Explore Europe's major cities on your own! While enjoying your independence we make sure that all arrangements are well-secured in advance to avoid any inconvenience. These popular city visits to major destinations all over the continent are flexible and can be customized.
3 Short Vacations in European Cities Short and Memorable Vacations in mayor European cities from West to East are offered all year around in different hotel categories
4 River Cruises From the comfort of your floating hotels enjoy great art, architecture and music while gently sailing among romantic country-side..

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