Denmark The Home of The Hygge!

Nyhaven Harbour Copenhagen

Nyhaven Harbour Copenhagen

There’s no better place in the world to get a good dose of hygge happiness than Denmark. Now the Danes are attempting to make it official, inviting travelers to experience the transformational effects of hygge for themselves.  So what is Hygge?

Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is a Danish word described in the Cambridge dictionary as a feeling of warmth, comfort, safety and cosiness. Sounds good doesn’t it? The Danes think so and have submitted an application to UNESCO for hygge to officially be recognized as part of Danish intangible, cultural heritage. The Danish population is classified as one of the happiest peoples in the world. Hygge has long been held up as the key to Danish happiness.  Hygge’s emphasis on togetherness and equality has tangible benefits, not just to the Danish people but to anyone that visits Denmark and practices this unique remedy for modern stress.

Living Room Cafe Copenhagen

Blue Danube Holidays Scandinavian tour packages originate in Copenhagen, Denmark where you can experience and embrace Hygge for yourself. The Scenic Scandinavia tour includes 3 days in pedestrian friendly Copenhagen with plenty of free time to discover the perfect hygge café. Our favourite is The Living Room, Larsbjornsstraede 17, 1454 Kobenhavn K.  Imagine yourself enjoying a hot drink (or a beer) whilst sinking into a candle lit, cushioned corner with a book or your favourite travel companion. Hygge! The open fire is crackling and a mirror above the fireplace is reflecting the candle-lit ambiance. Cosy, comfortable, hygge bliss!

Blue Danube Holidays Scenic Scandanavia tour departs on selected Saturday dates Jun-Aug. Find out more here, and get yourself some hygee!

Hungarian Art Nouveau Buildings in Budapest

Like Paris, Brussels Barcelona and Vienna Budapest boasts a series of world class Art Nouveau buildings.
Characterized by decorative asymmetrical shapes and curves, soft and rounded edges, stained glass ceilings and plant imitating decor, there are several building of this style dotted all over the city.

Probably the most well-known example of Hungarian Art Nuveau is the famous bath at the Gellert hotel celebrated for many year as the emblem of Budapest’s spa city identity. Gellert bath Budapest

The Geographical Museum is tiled by the world famous Zsolnay ceramics and resembles some of Gaudi’s famous buildings in Barcelona

Geological Institute Budapest

while the Museum of Applies Arts reflect oriental influence, a creation of Odon Lechner, Hungary’s most famous Art Noveau architect.

Museum of Applied Arts Budapest

Others, like the Cifra Palota( Glitzy Palace) in the town of Kecskemet is influenced by local folkloric elements.

Czifra Palota


For private and customized walking tours in Budapest or to visit the Hungarian spas contact

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Beer and Wine Tours and Cruises in Germany

Whether you are a wine aficionado or have more of a taste for beer,  you will find an Rhine cruiseabundance of opportunities to sample both in Southern Germany.

German wine traditions go back to Roman times and beer brewing is almost as old. As early as 1512 German beer purity laws were introduced controlling the ingredients allowed in use of the making of this amber colored favorite made of hops or barley.

Germany together with Belgium is the center of beer making with over 8 thousand of different types of beers prepared in hundreds of smaller and larger breweries all over the country.  Numerous beer and wine festivals are held in beer makings centers around the southern state of Bavaria with the world famous Munich beer festival held in September every year.

Wine productions centers around the rolling hills of the romantic Rhine and Moselle rivers and you can join several cruises that offer opportunities for local wine tasting., but the state of Franconia also boasts some 6 thousand hectares of picturesque vineyards providing some of the best wines to sample during a romantic getaway.
During your tour around Germany you will visit many medieval towns, quaint wine villages and fairy tale landscapes with plenty of opportunities to taste some local favorites.

In Memory of Martin Luther, the 500th Anniversary of the Birth of Reformation 2017

Martin Luther, the father of reformation born in 1483 changed the history of Europe whenMartin Luther anniversary tour in germany on October 31, 1517 he famously nailed his radical theses to the door of Wittenberg’s Castle Church against the misuse of absolution by the Catholic Church. This event is considered the beginning of the Reformation.

We introuduce this unique tour for history lovers to visit the famed sites and towns where Martin Luther, the father of religious reformation used to live and work. Starting from Germany’s historic capital of  Berlin we visit Wittemberg where Luther’s Theses became public; Luthertown Eisleben, his place of birth, and the splendid cities of Weimar, Leipzig and Erfurt also home to many enlightened scholars and historical figures

New Years Eve Under the Stars of the Sahara


Morocco sand dunes

Experience New Years Eve like the Nomads in tents or hotels near the sand dunes of Morocco.
Enjoy the silence and solitude of the Sahara  far away from the bustling Royal cities of Morocco. Experience the way of life of the Nomads of North Africa that have been wandering the region for thousands of years.
An evening camel ride into the sunset of wast sand dunes or an early morning adventure into the rolling sand waves is a spiritual experience,  a step into the exotic and the magical tales of the Thousand and One Nights.

Morocco beyond the Atlas Mountains is serene, magnificent and authentic with lush oases, exotic  mud castles, crystal clear air, pink mountains and extensive rock deserts full of ancient fossils, sand roses. You step into a different area, a different world, the world of the exotic, fabled and magical.
Those preferring a “Biblical” style holiday season with bustling oriental towns, exotic markets and hidden alleys can spend the Christmas and New Years holidays at the royal city of Marrakesh, with its palm-lined avenues, colorful souks, exotic mosques and even Christian churches.
The best way to experience the royal cities is by  staying at an opulent  five star hotel or  at an exotic little riad, modest from the outside but hiding the luxuries or oriental living with their embellished interiors. The inside rooms  surround  lovely inner courtyards leading to breezy roof top terraces with hidden views over to neighboring buildings.

The pink city of Marrakesh is a city of  contradictions, the place of the outlandish and the modest, the hedonistic and the religiously  fervent, the crowded and tranquil. It is a popular international hub of vacationing westerners  and the safest country to visits in North Africa.

Fall Festivals in Prague and Czech Republic

Fall is  probably the most enchanting time to travel to Prague and its surrounding Moravia Czech Fall Festivals countryside.

It is the season of the traditional Czech and Moravian grape harvest festivals of new wines celebrated with traditional local food in small atmospheric towns full of  Gothic and Renaissance architecture.

You do not even have to travel far to try the new wines.
Wine tasting is offered in the capital city in the Royal Gardens of Medieval Prague Castle or the nearby Karlstejn Castle perched on a hillside and accessible by bus in half an hour.

The real and most famous wine festival though takes place in the region of Moravia at the southern part of the Czech Republic in the Valtice-Lednice region, often called the “Garden of Europe”  and designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

To get to know local customs join in the folklore festival in the “wine capital” of the Czech Republic, Valtice  in the Moravia region famous for its Baroque architecture and its surroundings of romantic landscape dotted with castles, alees shaded by centuries old trees in large parks, and forested hillsides.
The two day long celebration of local music, dance , food  and handcrafted artifacts is a popular way to say goodbye to summer by locals and tourist alike most of them visiting from the capital of Prague and nearby Austria.

Wine Festivals in and around Prague:

  • Prague Castle, Royal Garden | 17-18 Sept 2016
  • Karlstejn Castle | 24-25 Sept 2016
  • Lednice-Valtice Area | 30 Sept-1 Oct 2016


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Quiz Spain Continued

Find out where these pictures of Spain were taken

1. Once the most beautiful post office in the world, now the town hall

Madrid city hall

2. Home of the Guggenheim Museum

Basque country tour Northern Spain tour

3. The oldest city in Spain and one of the oldest ones in Europe


4. Famous for its ‘casas colgadas’ (hanging houses)

Cuenca-hanging houses

5. The incredibly delicious (and fattening) snack to eat with thick hot chocolate!


Spain. What can you say? Everything under the sun! Not only a country, almost a continent in microcosm. Have a look at for the very best choice of tours and vacations.



Spain Travel Photo Quiz

Another of our light-hearted series of photo quizzes. A clue is given with each photo. Some are easy some more difficult. Let’s see how well you know Spain or ask questions from !

Answers at the bottom of the page.
A surreal city, famous for the genius of Gaudi


The end of a pilgrimage

Home of the paella and the City of Arts and Sciences

Bankrupted by the 1929 Ibero-American Exhibition


A great Roman aqueduct built with no mortar whatsoever

To be continued………

Spain. What can you say? Everything under the sun! Not only a country, almost a continent in microcosm.